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STC’s mission is to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical communication for audiences worldwide. STC is concerned with the education, improvement, and advancement of its members.

STC-PMC fills these needs on a local basis through a wide range of activities, including monthly meetings; career and education information; and competitions for technical publications, and online communications. Check out our chapter brochure.

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Questions? Contact [email protected] or call 703-522-4114


STC-PMC is looking for you! We need volunteers for the upcoming program year! Not sure you can commit to a full year? No problem! We’ll work with you around your schedule. Check out the Volunteer page for more information.

Open Positions:

Publicity: Got the urge to connect to a lot of people? Enjoy spending time tweeting, friending, starting conversations, and blogging? Great! You are in charge of getting the word on ideas and events out through the chapter’s public faces. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Information about promoting our chapter through the web is available by contacting: [email protected]. Information about running the blog is found by contacting: [email protected]

Sponsorship: Work with our sponsors and partners. Like the free swag from O’Reilly at meetings? The sponsorship chair helps us arrange all that.

Conference: We always need extra hands planning the conference. Sign up to help plan Conduit. Options include making the program or agenda, set up/take down, evaluating proposals, and publicity.

STC Membership Benefits

You may not realize it, but STC offer several benefits to its members. Please check out these benefits, as you may be surprised at some of the member perks, such as discounts on Lenovo computers, Hertz car rentals, and UPS! You must log into the STC website to access these benefits.

Again, thank you for your support of STC. Your engagement is important to us, and we look forward to having you as a member in 2017 and beyond!

Questions? Contact [email protected] or call 1 (703) 522-4114.

STC-PMC Honors Longtime Members

STC-PMC is honored that its members like to stick around. In some cases, they keep their STC membership for their entire careers. Accordingly, PMC has started honoring its members who have at least 30 years of STC membership. Going forward, the awards are listed on the Member Longevity Awards page.

Here are the most recent awardees!



  • Zyppora Goldberg: 35 years
  • Rebecca Worley: 30 years
Zyppora Goldberg accepts her award for 35 years of STC membership.

Zyppora Goldberg accepts her award for 35 years of STC membership.

Rebecca Worley accepts her award for 30 years of STC membership.

Rebecca Worley accepts her award for 30 years of STC membership.


  • Al Brown: 30 years
  • Donn DeBoard: 30 years
Donn DeBoard and Al Brown accept their awards for 30 years of STC membership.

Donn DeBoard and Al Brown accept their awards for 30 years of STC membership.


Thanks for a Great Year!

Technical Communications from the PMC President

Greetings, and welcome to the final post I’m going to make for the 2016-2017 year! I wanted to take the time to thank all of the STC-PMC members and supporters for a great year. Some of our 2016-2017 highlights include:


  • The many events PMC has hosted:
    • Social meetings, such as our canoe trip, holiday party, and trips to the Conshohocken Brewing and Great American Pub.
    • Educational sessions, such as meetings about localization processes, mobile storytelling, and using social media.
    • Webinars, including Joe Welinske’s “Optimizing the Googeleability of Your Content”, becoming a strategic communicator, and effectively telling your story through content marketing.
    • CONDUIT: The Mid-Atlantic TechComm Conference, including the workshops on introverted leadership and MadCap Flare.
  • The introduction of our mentor program for new techcomm professionals.
  • The expansion of our student sponsorship and scholarship program.

If you missed any events, check out our Past Presentations page where you’ll find links to the program content.


PMC has negotiated partnerships with other area organizations, such as PANMA and IABC. Through this program, you can often register for their events at their own member rate. PMC promotes these events on our Partner Program page, and they promote ours on theirs. Check out the various offerings our partners have for our members.


For all of our hard work, our chapter and members have been recognized by the Society, including:

  • A Platinum Level Community Achievement Award. This is the highest level award a community can win, and only 5 other communities reached this level out of 50 eligible communities. STC-PMC is truly one of the leading communities in the world!
  • A Pacesetter Award, for implementing an innovative two-level approach to sponsorships and scholarships for students that lets them experience STC membership and encourages volunteerism within the community.
  • The honor of STC Associate Fellow, awarded to Stephen Adler.

Additionally, STC-PMC has recognized the contributions of its own members:

  • Distinguished Chapter Service Awards were given to Jessie Mallory and Karen Levine for their dedicated time and energy spent on STC-PMC.
  • Longtime STC Member Recognition was given to Al Brown, Donn DeBoard, Becky Worley, and Zippy Goldberg for reaching 30 years (and in one case, 35 years) of STC membership.

Year in Review

I made a slideshow of our events, including the professional photos taken at Summit by the official photographer. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

The Future

What does the future hold for STC-PMC? Well we had a great group of leaders this year, and have a great group booked for next year, but we’re always looking for more volunteers. In order to keep our chapter at the top, we need your help. The easiest way you can help the chapter right now is to take 5 minutes and fill out our year-end survey. We are looking for general feedback, programming ideas, and volunteerism.

Please consider volunteering your time, even if it is just a small portion, to our chapter. With your help, you and your fellow chapter members can get the most out of your STC experience.


Timothy Esposito, STC-PMC President