Meet Conduit Presenter Adriane Hunt

Adriane HuntGet to know a bit more about our #Conduit2017 speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops.

Adriane Hunt is the 2016-2017 STC President. She is also a senior member of the STC Philadelphia Metro chapter where her past activities have included volunteer, presenter, regional competition judge/lead judge, and presenter. Adriane has also served as an STC Summit proposal reviewer and ISA Competition judge. You can contact Adriane at [email protected] or on Twitter @adrianehunt.

Defining New Roles for Information Engineering in the Customer Content Journey

Are you still writing manuals and online help? Are you looking for new ways to add value to both your content and your career? Join Adriane Hunt as she reveals insights on the changing role of the Information Engineer and explores career avenues and options that may surprise you.

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