Meet Conduit Presenter Ed Marsh

Ed MarshGet to know our #Conduit2017 speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops.

Ed Marsh has always been curious about technology. As a kid, he was the one who pushed buttons to see what happened. This led to some scolding, and an award-winning career as a technical writer.  Currently working for a major financial firm in Jersey City, NJ has taught Ed the importance of breaking down silos, managing risk, and governance.

In 2015 Ed created the Content Content podcast, interviewing technical communicators and other content professionals. He is the editor for the STC NY Metro chapter’s Apex Award-winning newsletter. He is experienced in, and passionate about, information architecture and content strategy. He generally dislikes writing in the third person., @edmarsh

Drive your docs with data

We’re all looking for ways to improve the customer experience. A simple place to start is to use the various forms of data already generated by your content to guide your strategy and architecture. In this session, we’ll look at various sources of data – including your own Web server, Twitter, Facebook, Google analytics, and more – and see how they can improve your documentation and content strategy. We’ll also see how using support tickets can help you better tune-in to your users and create better content.

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