Meet Our Student Member: Colin Peterson

ColinMeet the students who have already won STC Student Membership! Colin also competed for the STC-PMC scholarship along with several other students. Take a minute to get to know more about Colin and his views on TechComm! We will be featuring other students throughout the week.

Name: Colin Peterson

School: Drexel University

Major/Program: Communication (Tech & Science Concentration)

Graduation: September 2018 (expected)

When and how did you get involved in STC?

I got involved with STC in April 2016 since attending the CONDUIT meeting at the Willow Grove Giant.

What advice would you offer a fellow student looking to get more involved in STC-PMC?

I would recommend for them to reach out to connections and take advantage of all volunteering opportunities to practice and develop technical writing skills.

How has your STC membership benefited you?

STC membership has benefited me by opening up doors for potential connections to companies in the transportation and machinery industries. Although I have attended the 2016 CONDUIT meeting, I have officially been involved since January 1st, 2017.

Why did you choose to get involved in TechComm?

I got involved in TechComm because one of my favorite types of writing is the type that gives explicit instructions or explains how things work (as in parts for a car or truck).

What does your current professional position entail? OR Have you ever had an internship in TechComm? If so, how do you think it benefited you?

For my Drexel cooperative education period from September 2016 to March 2017, I worked an internship at Harris Publishing, a magazine publishing firm based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, that publishes various magazines for specific industries. I wrote various articles for Diesel Tech, Houseboat, Pontoon & Deck Boat, and Great Lakes Boating magazines. The article topics are very technical in the sense that they explain how things work (such as the truck and boat engines and their parts), and some explain how to fix common problems. The internship benefited me in being better able to get to the point with my writings to help answer common customer questions, and to help customers fix problems they may be having with their products.

Android or iOS?


Oxford comma. Yes or no?


And finally, what do you enjoy for fun?

For fun, I enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, and doing various other outdoor activities.



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