Chapter Awards

Community Achievement Award

STC Award

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional or student chapter’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals through a wide range of programs and activities.

2017: Platinum Community Award

For your dedicated focus in reaching out to the future of technical communication via your Academic Outreach program, for your spirit of teamwork in partnering with both STC and non-STC groups to further the profession, and for your work in organizing many social and educational programs, especially your annual CONDUIT conference.

2016: Platinum Community Award

For having strong and varied programs and events for your members, and especially for your great focus on your student community with your Week of Writing and Web Content Strategy workshop.

2015: Community of Excellence

For arranging the Mid-Atlantic TechComm conference, promoting STC’s values through collaboration with other STC communities, and for your overall strength in providing members with a strong and active community.

2014: Community of Excellence

For revamping your web site and creating an active blog, your impressive number of chapter initiatives, your continuing to provide the Mid-Atlantic Conference, and your ongoing commitment to providing excellent programs.

2013: Community of Excellence

For maintaining an outstanding chapter of excellence with your regional conference, social media, solid planning, outreach to other communities, and promoting the value of STC membership, the Philadelphia Metro Chapter was awarded the Community of Excellent award in 2013 for the work done in 2012.

2012: Community of Excellence

For sponsoring a respected regional conference, embracing social media to enhance communication with members, seeking improvements to chapter operations, and promoting the value of STC membership, the Philadelphia Metro Chapter was awarded the Community of Excellent award in 2012 for the work done in 2011. The award was also announced on STC’s Notebook blog.

2011: Community of Excellence

In 2011 our chapter was honored to earn a Community of Excellence level award for the work we did in 2010.

2007: Community of Merit

In 2007 our chapter was honored to earn a Community of Merit level award.

Pacesetter Awards

STC’s Community Pacesetter Award recognizes innovative and successful community initiatives.

Unlike STC’s other Community Achievement awards, which recognize communities for consistent strength in many varied activities, the Pacesetter Award recognizes the successful implementation of a single beneficial innovation that may be implemented by other STC communities.

2017: Pacesetter Award

Awarded to the Philadelphia Metro Chapter for implementing an innovative two-level approach to sponsorships and scholarships for students that lets them experience STC membership and encourages volunteerism within the community.

2010 Honoree

Awarded to the Philadelphia Metro Chapter for adding a Donate button to the community web site to encourage donations to the scholarship fund.

Distinguished Chapter Service Awards

The Distinguished Community Service Awards recognize the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. See our complete list of members who received this award in our Members section.

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