STC-PMC Wins 2017 Pacesetter Award

STC-PMC was awarded the 2017 Pacesetter Award for our innovative two-level approach to sponsorships and scholarships for students that lets them experience STC membership and encourages volunteerism within the community.

Partner Program: L&D Philly Professional Series

Discounts are available for STC-PMC members for L&D Philly’s Professional Series including topics on igniting the inner fire, gamification, and increasing the Interaction and Retention in the Virtual Classroom.

May event – ldphillyvirtual
June event – ldphillygames
October event – ldphillyevaluation

Captivate and Accelerate: Increasing Interaction and Retention in the Virtual Classroom

What separates “okay” virtual learning from great virtual learning? The program design! Good design is what drives an interactive, facilitated, virtual learning experience that dazzles participants. If you want to create collaborative virtual training that participants clamor to attend, then join us to explore the design techniques used by the best virtual facilitators. You will learn to capitalize on the visual strengths of web conferencing, rethink interactive participation, increase collaboration, and captivate with a good story.

Professional Series – Gamification – Level 1 Workshop

Learn from the #1 rated Gamification Guru Monica Cornetti and become a better, higher-rated, and considerably more effective trainer, teacher, instructional designer, or human resource professional!

Professional Series – Igniting the Inner Fire – Kirkpatrick Levels 3 & 4

L&D Philadelphia is please to announced this workshop with none other than Jim & Wendy Kirkpatrick from the ground-breaking Kirkpatrick family. Jim & Wendy continue to pioneer research and application in the training evaluation & performance space taking up the mantel laid down by Jim’s father, the late and world-renown Donald Kirkpatrick

Training is still “on trial,” charged with incurring expenses in excess of the value it provides to the organization. Training must reinvent itself and transcend the classroom.

Student Membership Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our winners of STC Student Membership! All winners submitted a 300-500 word response to the question, “Why do you want to join STC and how do you expect to benefit from your membership?”. We look forward to getting to know you! Any student with at least one semester remaining is also eligible to compete for our scholarship.

Anna Boyce

Anna Boyce

St. Joseph’s University

Major: English, BA

Minors: Marketing, Secondary Education

Graduation: May, 2017

Stephanie Cristino

Stephanie Cristino

Drexel University

Major: Communications (Science & Technical), MS

Graduation: May, 2019

Victoria Grant

Drexel University

Major: Communication

Graduation: June, 2017

Elizabeth Leick

Rowan University

Major: Public Relations & Writing Arts

Concentration: Technical & Professional Writing

Graduation: May, 2019

Colin Peterson

Drexel University

Major: Communications (Science & Technical), BS

Graduation: June, 2018

Karen Shollenberger

Drexel University

Major: Technical and Science Communication, MS

Graduation: December, 2017

Register Now: Effectively Telling Your Story Through Content Marketing Webinar

Presentation Description

Promoting products and services through content marketing has been a growing trend for the past five years. Content marketing is also a great method for sharing your company’s mission and goals. In this session, you’ll learn what content marketing is, how it is useful in communicating your story, the types of marketing methods for sharing your story (such as blog posts, white papers, case studies, social media, and many more), and how to identify your target audiences, and tips for creating a content marketing plan.

About the Presenter

Cheryl Landes, a technical communications consultant from Vancouver, WA, founded Tabby Cat Communications in 1995. Her specialties are technical documentation, marketing communications, instructional design, and findability. She’s a certified MadCap Advanced Developer and STC Fellow. Cheryl has written five books, published many magazine and journal articles, and blogs about travel at For more information about Cheryl’s services, visit her business website at

Register to get your spot for this webinar today! Limited seats available!
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Last Week to Register for CONDUIT 2017 Workshops & Conference

There are only days left to register for CONDUIT 2017 workshops and conference. You don’t want to miss this! We’ve got a packed line-up, great food, networking opportunities, and prizes! Head on over to Willow Grove for the weekend. Easily accessible by car or regional rail.


Single Sourcing to the Max with MadCap Flare led by Neil Perlin, an internationally known consultant, strategist, trainer, and developer for online content. You’ll leave with a solid overview of Flare’s single sourcing features and how to use them to create cutting edge outputs.

Revive and Thrive led by Ben Woelk, an Information Security Office Program Manager at the Rochester Institute of Technology and author. Attendees will learn to identify and leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses to become exceptional contributors in the workplace.


Our annual full-day conference featuring multiple sessions following a keynote presentation by Jack Molisani, owner of ProSpring Technical Staffing, executive director of The LavaCon Conference, and author.

The conference will feature a variety of topics including content strategy, technical writing, project management, and much more. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect and network with your peers.


STC-PMC Wins 2017 Platinum Community Award

For the 2nd year in a row, STC-PMC has been awarded the Platinum Community Award.

“For your dedicated focus in reaching out to the future of technical communication via your Academic Outreach program, for your spirit of teamwork in partnering with both STC and non-STC groups to further the profession, and for your work in organizing many social and educational programs, especially your annual CONDUIT conference.”

Meet Conduit Presenter Todd DeLuca

Todd DeLuca has over 15 years of experience as a technical communicator and currently manages a remote team of technical writers in the US and India. His professional background includes graphic design, editing, client communication, and software development documentation. Todd is an STC Associate Fellow and Conference Chair for the 2017 Summit. He was President of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter president and has written articles for the STC Intercom magazine. Todd has a Masters Degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University (Ohio) and speaks at various regional and national conferences. @TechCommTodd

How may I help you? Benefits of focusing on services instead of products.

This session will outline and describe why becoming more service focused (vs. product oriented) increases your value to clients or an organization, improves your chances for advancement, and sets you apart from others with similar skills or experience. The result is you become a highly sought after and indispensable resource that others seek out for support.

Come to learn differences between product and service skills, see what service looks like for technical communication, and discover how becoming service oriented can transform your position and perception in an organization. Join us to find out how you can be seen by others as offering something unique, important, and useful in the company. You will understand the benefits plus hear some tips and lessons learned from someone who has implemented a service approach to elevate their exposure and boost their career.

Meet Conduit Presenter Paula Gregorowicz

Get to know more about our #Conduit2017 speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops.

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company LLC, helps business owners take charge of their time, productivity, and technology and helps them build authentic, sustainable businesses while having plenty of time and space for a life they love.

The work Paula shares with others is the essence of her more than twenty years experience and education: from BS in Accounting to 20 years in corporate America and Information Technology to entrepreneur and business owner, spiritual and coach training, and eclectic life experiences.

Great stuff not only gets started with Paula, it gets finished!
Learn more about her unique approach of practical action and inner awareness at

Stop Managing Time! Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Getting Things Done & Enjoying the Journey

Traditional time management doesn’t work in today’s hyper-connected world. Trying to force it to work can feel like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Learn how to achieve twice as much in half the time while bringing more meaning and sanity to your day in this interactive and practical presentation.

Meet Conduit Presenter Ed Marsh

Ed MarshGet to know our #Conduit2017 speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops.

Ed Marsh has always been curious about technology. As a kid, he was the one who pushed buttons to see what happened. This led to some scolding, and an award-winning career as a technical writer.  Currently working for a major financial firm in Jersey City, NJ has taught Ed the importance of breaking down silos, managing risk, and governance.

In 2015 Ed created the Content Content podcast, interviewing technical communicators and other content professionals. He is the editor for the STC NY Metro chapter’s Apex Award-winning newsletter. He is experienced in, and passionate about, information architecture and content strategy. He generally dislikes writing in the third person., @edmarsh

Drive your docs with data

We’re all looking for ways to improve the customer experience. A simple place to start is to use the various forms of data already generated by your content to guide your strategy and architecture. In this session, we’ll look at various sources of data – including your own Web server, Twitter, Facebook, Google analytics, and more – and see how they can improve your documentation and content strategy. We’ll also see how using support tickets can help you better tune-in to your users and create better content.

Meet Conduit Presenter Adriane Hunt

Adriane HuntGet to know a bit more about our #Conduit2017 speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops.

Adriane Hunt is the 2016-2017 STC President. She is also a senior member of the STC Philadelphia Metro chapter where her past activities have included volunteer, presenter, regional competition judge/lead judge, and presenter. Adriane has also served as an STC Summit proposal reviewer and ISA Competition judge. You can contact Adriane at [email protected] or on Twitter @adrianehunt.

Defining New Roles for Information Engineering in the Customer Content Journey

Are you still writing manuals and online help? Are you looking for new ways to add value to both your content and your career? Join Adriane Hunt as she reveals insights on the changing role of the Information Engineer and explores career avenues and options that may surprise you.