CONDUIT 2017 Workshops

Register for one or both workshops. Attendees receive a discount for registering for both.

A continental breakfast will be provided for morning session attendees. Lunch will be provided for attendees who attend both sessions.

Single Sourcing to the Max with MadCap Flare

Time: 8:30 – 12:00

Presented by Neil Perlin

New to Flare? Need to publish content to multiple devices, formats, or audiences? Flare’s single sourcing features are tremendously flexible and powerful but they can also be overwhelming. Which ones should you use? When? Can you combine them? How do you avoid overdoing it? Come to this workshop for answers AND hands-on practice. We’ll look at:

• Two definitions of single sourcing.
• The three main single sourcing features – variables, snippets, and conditions.
• Supporting features like CSS mediums, conditionalizable styles, responsive output, and parent/child project structures.
• How the Target Editor ties the settings together.
• Best practices for single sourcing with Flare

You’ll leave with a solid overview of Flare’s single sourcing features and how to use them to create cutting edge outputs.

About Neil

Neil Perlin Photo

Neil is an internationally-known online content consultant for companies from F100 to startups. He helps clients create effective, efficient, flexible content for delivery in any form from mobile to online to paper. Neil created and ran the Beyond the Bleeding Edge sessions at the STC Summits for 15 years, is a 2010 STC Fellow, and a popular conference speaker at the Summits, MadWorld, and others. Neil is MadCap-certified in Mimic and Flare, Adobe-certified in RoboHelp, and Viziapps-certified for the Viziapps Studio app development platform. He provides training, consulting, and development for online help, apps, and related areas through Hyper/Word Services. Contact him at [email protected]@NeilEric,

Workshop Requirements

  • Bring a laptop with a mouse and power cord.
  • Have a licensed copy or a trial copy of Flare 12 or above. If you want to use a trial copy, download and install it less than 15 days before the workshop. Note that the trial copy misspells words at random until you enter the license key. It’s terrifying but harmless.
  • Make sure your laptop has a USB port.

Revive and Thrive: Strategies for the Introvert in Today’s Workplace

Time: 1:00 – 4:00

Presented by Ben Woelk

Today’s workplace presents challenges for introverted team members. Business schools focus on producing extraverted leaders, although as much as 50% of the workforce are introverts and there’s no evidence that extraverts make better leaders than introverts. Many workplaces are adopting open space layouts that foster teamwork but provide little opportunities for introverts to contribute as individuals. Because of Western society’s emphasis on extraversion, many introverts feel unsuited or ill-equipped to thrive in today’s workplace and are not sure how to take that next step to increase influence and improve visibility.

Attendees will

  • learn general and specific insights gained from personality and temperament typing
  • identity their strengths and weaknesses
  • discuss workplace challenges
  • learn strategies to mitigate these challenges
  • create an action plan to revive and thrive

Pre-Workshop Requirements

Attendees will benefit most from the workshop if they know their Myers-Briggs/temperament profile in advance.

You can take the tests at and before attending.

About Ben

Ben Woelk, Information Security Office Program Manager at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is a senior member of STC, a former director, and current chair of the STC Scholarship Committee. He’s also served in leadership positions at STC Rochester and in the Higher Education Information Security Council. Ben is a frequent presenter at conferences and has recently published articles on Introverted Leadership and Security Awareness. Ben is guest editor of the February 2017 Intercom issue devoted to personality and technical communication and is developing a mentoring and coaching practice for introverted leaders. In partnership with Hannah Morgan, Ben keynoted the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference, presenting Bulletproofing Your Career Online.

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