Technical Communication Programs

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree or certificate in technical writing, here are some options in the Philadelphia area.

Drexel University

MS in Technical Communication

Drexel University‘s MS in Technical Communication program provides skills for those seeking careers in technical writing, computer documentation and training. The MS in Communication program provides a strong foundation in theoretical approaches to communication. The theoretical basis is designed to form an intellectual framework, which allows for evaluating and implementing new technology and media in a quickly changing field.

For more information on the Graduate Program in Technical Communication, call Dr. Susan Stein at (215) 571-4510, or [email protected] or visit the website:

MS in Learning Technologies

The Master of Science in Learning Technology offers a comprehensive curriculum immersed in the application of design thinking and the learning sciences both of which are at the frontier of new teaching methods. The curriculum equips students with the creative skills necessary to develop, drive and implement innovation in the technology learning practices at their institution or organization.

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