Fellows and Associate Fellows


Two of our members hold the honorary rank of STC Fellow. The rank of Fellow is the highest honor an STC member can receive and may only be awarded to Associate Fellows who have continued to excel in the field of technical communication. STC Fellows contribute to the profession and the Society at the highest level, as indicated by their publications, presentations, awards, mentoring, leadership, and community service. Becoming an STC Fellow is a lifelong journey of achievement, an honor bestowed by the Society upon Associate Fellows who have continued to make exemplary contributions to our organization and profession, who have made good on their promise to make a difference. For more information, see “What is an STC Fellow?“.

Our chapter is honored to have the following Fellows as members:

  • Donn DeBoard
  • Lori Meyer

Associate Fellows

Several of our members hold the honorary rank of STC Associate Fellow. An STC Associate Fellow is a Senior Member who has been formally recognized by the Society for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication. See the “What Is an STC Associate Fellow?” page for more details. STC-PMC proudly recognizes these Associate Fellows as exceptional individuals who have consistently demonstrated meaningful contributions to the Society and to the profession over a period of years:

  • Lori Corbett
  • Todd DeLuca
  • Timothy Esposito
  • Ann Grove
  • Carolyn Luttrell
  • Rebecca Worley
  • Cheryl Lockett Zuback

Less than two percent of the Society members hold the honorary rank of Associate Fellow. Our chapter is very proud to have these members of such high caliber.

Any voting STC member can nominate another member with the preceding qualifications and must submit supporting documentation to the Associate Fellows Nominating committee. The committee submits its recommendations to the STC Board annually. Candidates who receive a two-thirds vote of the entire Board receive the honorary status of Associate Fellow. It’s not a simple process, and those who prevail until the end are truly deserving of such an enormous honor. Think about nominating a member this year – the deadline is in October.

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